Monday, October 09, 2006

Let the Readers Decide

Most of you are well aware of the crude attempt of Greg and Gertrude to attempt to blackmail me. The evidence for this is at Freedomnow and it is out in the open.

It seems the Cowardly Gert has been less than forthcoming about some key details. He has had a history of cowardly attemps to silence me. The posts of Beakerpoop seem to be clearly written Gert. Make no mistake about who is obsessed with whom

I ask the readers to go to Donal and the Beak

The writings of Beakerpoop seem to be written by the same hand as Gert. Moreover the homosexual references writen about myself an Jeff Bargholz appear to be written by the same person. The same writer appears to have written the Beakernazi gay bit on one of the posts.

Did Gert write these posts long before I ever heard of this petty criminal? Did the high priest of Homophobia slam myself and Jeff Bargholz. Why do these writing styles seem so similar. The question of who is obsessed with whom is obvious.

Let Greg know how you feel about Gert's attempt to blackmail me as well as Gert's comments on Jews.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Catching a Fraud

My position on homosexuality are fairly well known to readers of this blog. I am against Gay marriage, but I believe in respect and dignity. People should be left alone as much as possible and I would rather live in a society run by Civil as opposed to theological law.

There is a hysterical screaming effeminate anti-semite named Gert who loves to fling the homophobe label at everyone. One of the targets of his ire was Nanc who has never been called a homophobe by the gays who post here.

I decided to find out if our efeminate fop is as enlightened as he presumes. When people call me gay it does not bother me. In my case the accusation would border on the surreal or comical. However, Gertie seems quite touchy on the subject.

The observation that he is quite a fussbot was not only noticed by me, it was noticed by others. Lets see MZ is a homophobe but lets vilify a state that treats gays decently. Lets also neglect the persecution of Gays in the PA and the rest of the Muslim world. If homophobia is evil then the PA that persecutes them as official policy is an odd group to venerate.

Gertie's reaction was denial and quite vehement. However, his own reactions reveal his own homophobia or self hating homophobia is quite evident.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Excuse Culture

I am tired of the Oprahization of our culture and the failure to take responsability
that seems rampant. If you make a mistake get out there and stop with the excuses and acknowledge what you have done. The poster boy for excuse culture is Bill Clinton
who has an excuse for everything. He will probably invent an excuse for his proclivity to make excuses next.

James Mc Sleazy- Hires an unqualified Israeli - lover for a job and gets sued for sexual harassment. Mc Sleazy has a press conference and acknowledges his homosexuality. This is an insult to the majority of homosexuals who do competent work every day. Mc Greevy was guilty of nepotism and sexual harassment. I do not believe Cipel who seems to have been an extortionist.

Tom Foley gets caught propositioning pages. He then turns around and checks into alcohol rehab. He also goes on to name an unamed priest for molesting him. There is no xcuse for what he attempted.

Bill Clinton- I smoked but I didn't inhale. My pot smoking was in the UK, so I did not break the laws of this country. I didn't have sex with that woman who is singing blue stained dress. Everybody is lying except me. ( James Carville) If you drag a stack of dollars through a trailer park one never knows what one will find, probably
Bill Clinton. Everyone lies about sex...... There is a zone of privacy........ There is a vast right wing conspiracy.... I tried to kill Bin Ladden it just happened I only tried when Monica was on the stand.......

The reality is that Bill Clinton will next invent an excuse for all the excuses.

Then there is the insane state of MA. Lets see we have a person who has traded on the memory of his assasinated brothers to get away with man slaughter for thirty years. However, the people of MA seem to be the disgrace capital of the world. A congressman gets caught in an affair with a page and gets re-elected. Another congressman runs a brotel out of his town house and mere five blocks from his office in exchange for freebies and feigns ignorance. Then there is Gomer Kerry who commited treason by meeting with the enemy in Paris while a member of the US Naval reserve. Should we pronounce MA a state of dementia?

I am sure the readers will add their own excuses.

Beamish in 08, Ducky to Gitmo