Saturday, October 07, 2006

Catching a Fraud

My position on homosexuality are fairly well known to readers of this blog. I am against Gay marriage, but I believe in respect and dignity. People should be left alone as much as possible and I would rather live in a society run by Civil as opposed to theological law.

There is a hysterical screaming effeminate anti-semite named Gert who loves to fling the homophobe label at everyone. One of the targets of his ire was Nanc who has never been called a homophobe by the gays who post here.

I decided to find out if our efeminate fop is as enlightened as he presumes. When people call me gay it does not bother me. In my case the accusation would border on the surreal or comical. However, Gertie seems quite touchy on the subject.

The observation that he is quite a fussbot was not only noticed by me, it was noticed by others. Lets see MZ is a homophobe but lets vilify a state that treats gays decently. Lets also neglect the persecution of Gays in the PA and the rest of the Muslim world. If homophobia is evil then the PA that persecutes them as official policy is an odd group to venerate.

Gertie's reaction was denial and quite vehement. However, his own reactions reveal his own homophobia or self hating homophobia is quite evident.


lilfeathers2000 said...

Could you send me this gerty link thanks.

beakerkin said...

The easiest way to see the couch potato of anti-semitism is to click on the link to the Mad Zionist. MZ has a link under the section Marxist Treif.