Monday, October 09, 2006

Let the Readers Decide

Most of you are well aware of the crude attempt of Greg and Gertrude to attempt to blackmail me. The evidence for this is at Freedomnow and it is out in the open.

It seems the Cowardly Gert has been less than forthcoming about some key details. He has had a history of cowardly attemps to silence me. The posts of Beakerpoop seem to be clearly written Gert. Make no mistake about who is obsessed with whom

I ask the readers to go to Donal and the Beak

The writings of Beakerpoop seem to be written by the same hand as Gert. Moreover the homosexual references writen about myself an Jeff Bargholz appear to be written by the same person. The same writer appears to have written the Beakernazi gay bit on one of the posts.

Did Gert write these posts long before I ever heard of this petty criminal? Did the high priest of Homophobia slam myself and Jeff Bargholz. Why do these writing styles seem so similar. The question of who is obsessed with whom is obvious.

Let Greg know how you feel about Gert's attempt to blackmail me as well as Gert's comments on Jews.


Russet Shadows said...

I saw some of that over at FN and I was not terribly impressed (that's Southern for "not impressed at all") by Gert & co. Those boys are just yellow dogs. Apparently you've really got under their skin. It's too bad they don't know how to separate the blogosphere from real life -- and they don't know how, because the blogosophere is all they have, and they don't even have much of that! :)

The Merry Widow said...

RS- I always thought it meant, massively underimpressed.


Warren said...

"Did Gert write these posts long before I ever heard of this petty criminal? "

I don't doubt it a bit!

Using other peoples site meters, I've ran into bunch of interesting, "coincidences".

I've been getting a lot oy anonymous views from different proxy servers. Whoever is doing it doesn't quite know what they are doing and they are going to screw up!

We know for a certainty that some people do this and use sock-puppet personalities. 167, soc, rm, jb. have all been caught doing it.

Quite possibly there are others we have missed.

Beak, do you remember a commenter from NYC that gave you hell then left a message where it seemed he was going to jail and dissapeared? For some reason, he keeps poping into my mind. I wish I could be more soecifice about him, but tha's all I remember. His style must have been similar to someone else's.

For some reason that

beakerkin said...


John Brown is back from somewhere but Gert is a new oddity. He clearly has some issues with homosexuality. He writes as Beakerpoop about the size of my equipment and proclivities. He calls Jeff Bargholtz Jeff Bungholes and calls Mr Beamish's site the Wank Files. Then he wonders why people think he is Gay.
Being Gay is not what makes Gert a jerk it is the cowardice, crying and attempted blackmail.

As far as anyone is concerned Greg's continued defense of Gert's blatant anti-semitism is a joke. He can not nor should be taken seriously on any issues.

Purple Avenger said...

Sock puppetry correlates with bankrupt positions every time. Its the last refuge of the desperate.

KEvronius said...

"If you are a Commie, Jihadi or racial power nut, this is not the place for you. This site is where you will get your clocks cleaned and get the abuse you deserve."

throw in a set of spatulas and i'm in! seriously, though, not very convincing in light of the comment moderation. it's like you're egging on from behind the screendoor.

allahu akbar,


beakerkin said...


My site attracts spam and blackmail attempts. We allow 99% of all posts to pass through censor. We do not allow spam or blackmail attempts.

Comwads lose it and get smacked around 24/7 here. Few Jihadis stay
for more than a moment or two.

Farmer John said...

I know kev from redtory. He swims with mallards.

KEvronius said...

i know farmer from red tory's and eydoc333's. he mollests collies.


Farmer John said...

What's that, Lassie?

KEvronius said...

which one of us quacks?

keep it in your not-so-fancy pants, johnny. i told you, i only like you as a friend....


Farmer John said...

with friends like you, who needs enemas?

Otter said...

Morning Beakerkin!

Looks like I am going to be slowly drawn into the blogging/posting round like everyone else I read :P My wife will kill me.

Not sure about you but I am noticing a trend now (or maybe it has always been?): leftist bloggers going around claiming that conservative bloggers are either a)gay or b)anti-Semitic. We've got a few of those on Atlas Shrugs right now.